For the third consecutive year, students of the course "Transport and the Environment", carried out by the professors  Messrs. Vougias Spyros and Palantzas Giorgos, visited our company's offices in the context of keeping in touch with the current labor market.

The aim of the visit was to inform students about the issues and needs as far as studies as well asconsultancy and other services are concerned that are "running" on the civil engineering market today.

During the meeting, about one and a half hours long, the students were informed by representatives of the companies "WAOLIA ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES", "NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS s.a.." and "SAMARAS AND ASSOCIATED MECHANICS", a number of issues were discussed and specific questions and queries were answered.

24.05.18 Information on the processing of personal data


NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS S.A. as Personal Data Processing Officer, as part of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, which will enter into force on 25/05/2018, as applicable, provides you with the following information for processing the data & your personal rights as the subject of processing, which will also be communicated to any supplier and trader of the company that is a natural person or as a natural person representing a legal entity.

This information is addressed to natural persons who engage in any transaction with NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS S.A. as indicatively to Clients and Suppliers who maintain a permanent or periodic cooperation relationship with NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS S.A. to their legal representatives and to their special successors, representatives of legal persons and any natural person who, in any capacity, has business relations with NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS S.A.

The processing of personal data consists in collecting, registering, organizing, structuring, storing, changing, retrieving, searching for information, use, transmission, restriction or deletion of personal data that have come to or will come to NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS S.A., either in the context of your dealings with it or in the context of information received NORTH by a third natural or legal person or public sector entity in the exercise of a legitimate right of itself or of NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS S.A. NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS SA, in compliance with the current legislative framework, has taken all the necessary actions by implementing the appropriate technical and organizational measures for the lawful maintenance, processing and safe storage of the personal data files, committed to ensuring and protect in any way the processing of your personal data from loss or leakage, alteration, transmission or otherwise fraudulent processing thereof. From the above definition of "processing" it means that a service in this concept includes both automated and manual processing of personal data, and in particular:

North Aegean Slops S.A. was immediately mobilized to response to an oil pollution incident that contaminated a tank that provides drinking water in the city of Thessaloniki. As instructed by Thessaloniki Water Supply & Sewerage Co. S.A. (EYATH SA), on 14.01.2018, specialized scientific and technical staff of our company came to the contaminated sites, along Aliakmonas river (Ag. Varvara, Vrachia, Sindos, Tank D2) and assessed the situation in terms of antipollution equipment, means and methods. Then, supported by floating and land means, special absorbent materials, oil recovery mechanisms and floating booms have been applied, minimizing in such way the risk and restoring the initial water quality conditions. The anti-pollution project continues until today as a precaution and is expected to be completed in the near future.

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The Municipality of Vari - Voula - Vouliagmeni urgently requested the contribution of NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS S.A. in order to prevent the trasnfer of the oil pollution into the coasts and beaches of its jurisdiction due to the sinking of the ship "AGIA ZONI II". 

An Agreement signed on 11.03.2016 between NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS S.A. and the Division of Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering of the Civil Engineering Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.