Equipment At land

The Affiliated Companies owns a modern fleet of vessels, special trucks, means and other equipment that have been certified to comply with the stricter standards.

At land

  • Owned oily waste storage facilities of 1500m3 capacity
  • Mobile sludge treatment vechicles
  • Trucks for oily waste collection
  • Trucks for lubricant waste oils collection
  • Trucks for sewage collection
  • Vehicles for hazardous waste, medical waste and animal by-products transport
  • Garbage trucks (skip-loaders, hook-lifts) and refuse lorries
  • Loaders, sweepers, crane trucks, forklifts, etc
  • Machinery for earth works
  • Containers (open top, press), litter bins
  • Packaging certified as per the UN specifications for hazardous waste
  • Diesel hydraulic power packs, portable submersible pumps, hydraulic hoses, etc
  • Steam generators, plus appropriate coils and devices