Earth works

As part of the development strategy, a new activity has been added since 2013 to the company's business portfolio: mining and geological research. Through continuous investments in modern specialized equipment and machinery, as well as with the provision of well-trained and high-level scientific and technical personnel, the last four years NAS S.S. has been dynamically established in the field by providing complete mining, quarrying, earthworks and scientific services.

The greatest growth of our company's activities takes place in Halkidiki, where it has undertaken the mining project of the company Hellenic Magnesite S.A.

  • Availability of owned specialized trucks, loaders, excavators, rollers, etc
  • Ground improvement
  • Demolitions under specific requirements
  • Public and private construction works
  • Stream bed landscaping
  • Restorations
  • Road constructions
  • Rock cutting
  • Gravel extraction

The entire operation of the equipment is monitored through GPS technology. As a result, the individual elements of the mining/quarrying is being recorded in real time, statistical data is being extracted and the degree of performance is controlled, contributing to the accurate assessment of the best design of each project with the objective of the sustainable use of the maximum available resources.

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