Preparedness and Response on Marine pollution

Preparedness and response on marine and land pollution

  • Supply of anti-pollution vessels for a 24/7 protection against accidental or operational pollution incidents
  • Supply of stand-by anti-pollution vessels during cargo loading-unloading
  • Supply of specialized personnel and land equipment and means
  • Supply of oil containment booms, absorbent materials, skimmers, dispersants etc
  • Collection of oil at sea
  • Cleaning of polluted shorelines, lands, coasts and docks
  • Ship to ship or ship to shore transfer
  • Pumping and transshipment of cargo, fuels and waste
  • Elaboration of studies and plans

Sea surface cleaning

  • Clean-up of sea surface from garbage through specialized vessels

Cargo transfer and heating, at sea & land

  • Heating of ship’s tanks, land tanks, isotanks etc
  • Supply or hire of all appropriate equipment (power packs, submerged hydraulic pumps, steam generators, coils, cargo and hydraulic hoses etc)
  • Availability or hire of specialized personnel

Photo Gallery

prolipsi-8Remediation of polluted land areasprolipsi-9Remediation of polluted coastal areasprolipsi-10Debris collection from sea surfaceprolipsi-11Land spill responseprolipsi-12Marine spill responseprolipsi-13Steam generators (fixed in container)prolipsi-14Power Packsprolipsi-15Hydraulic and cargo hosesprolipsi-16Submersible pumps