Reception Facilities of Ship Generated Waste and residues

Port reception facilities

  • Organisation of Port Reception Facilities and supply of integrated waste reception facility Services for any type of ship-generated waste and cargo residues
  • Availability of floating and land means
  • Collection of all MARPOL 73/78 types of waste
  • Collection of waste at anchorage and docks
  • Development of waste reception and handling plans, along with every revision required

Photo Gallery

ypiresies-ypodoxis-1Oily waste collectionIMG 0530Sewage collection ypiresies-ypodoxis-3Garbage management (Hook-lift)ypiresies-ypodoxis-4Port reception facilitiesypiresies-ypodoxis-5Oily waste treatmentypiresies-ypodoxis-6Oily waste collectionypiresies-ypodoxis-7Garbage collection